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Questline for the Mod

Post  RightHandofSithis on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:16 am

Further continuing our work on this mod, I have done a considerable amount of work for this mods questline (it may even be finished if nobody has any way of improving it). Now all it needs now are the quests.

I must say, this mods storywriting seems to be flying along.

I would like however to ask everyone to assist with this mod. I know Sunny has been doing work getting this forum up and working and gahnzz has been organising voice acting, but I haven't heard from a few members. If we all get to work on this, I think our part of this will be done rather soon, and it will be left to the modders to put our writing into practice.

And Sunny, I shall post what i have in the general discussion so you can put it on the main page.

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