Guidelines for the mod.

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Guidelines for the mod.

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The only guidelines I have for this is that I'd like it to be lore friendly, and I don't think it should be to long. We'll need to learn from the mistake of others. The DB Chronicles was far to long, and was never actually finished. However, A Brotherhood Renewed was not overly long, was released and was popular.

Here are my notes on the lore necessary for this mod. Feel free to copy and paste it to your own word document.

Morag Tong:
Name means ‘foresters guild’

Are professional Assassins and are just as secretive with assassinations as the Dark Brotherhood (ie, just because they were legal in Morrowind, they still preferred secret murder, would prefer secrecy even more now) if not more so. Quote from Fire and Darkness:

“Evidence of the Morag Tong's expertise in assassination seems scarcely necessary. The few instances of someone escaping a murder attempt by them are always remarkable and rare, proving that they were and are patient, capable murderers who use their tools well. A fragment of a letter found among the effects of a well-known armorer has been sealed in our vaults for some time. It was likely penned by an unknown Tong assassin ordering weapons for his order, and offers some illumination into what they looked for in their blades, as well the mention of Vounoura, the island where the Tong sent its agents in retirement —
'I congratulate you on your artistry, and the balance and heft of your daggers. The knife blade is whisper thin, elegantly wrought, but inpractical [sic]. It must have a bolder edge, for arteries, when cut, have a tendencies to self seal, preventing adequate blood loss. I will be leaving Vounoura in two weeks time to inspect your new tools, hoping they will be more satisfactory.'”

Members carry writs of assassination (telling them who the target is)

This will only be for show, to give the player the feeling of the Tong. It won’t have any legal use.

Rank system:
0. Associate
1. Blind Thrall
2. Thrall
3. White Thrall
4. Thinker
5. Brother
6. Knower
7. Master *
8. Exalted Master
9. Grandmaster *
(As taken from Morrowind) *known to distribute writs.

Are honourable (according to Dunmer tradition). They do not steal from or kill anybody not targeted by a writ (attacks on the DB and self-defence are an exception). If expelled, they themselves are targeted for execution. (In Pratice, the player will not be expelled if the murder someone not targeted by a writ [in case they wish to roleplay] but it will be mentioned)

To join, must pass an initiation, involves carrying out a writ.

Worship Mephala (deadric prince of lies, sex and murder) And consider their murders to be a matter of honor and religion (they are referred to as a cult). They do however still require payment for their services (large amounts of payment). Quote from The Brothers of Darkness
“…Mephala does grow stronger with every murder committed in her name, certain murders were better than others. Murders that came from hate pleased Mephala more than murders committed because of greed. Murders of great men and women pleased Mephala more than murders of relative unknowns.”

Grandmaster gives out ‘special duties’ involving attacking the Dark Brotherhood.

Originally dedicated to preserving peace in Morrowind by assassinating Great House* leaders (as hired by their enemies), however are now hired to kill anybody for enough gold (as they are obliged to play the role of the impartial middle man).

The Night Mother is known to play a part in the Tong. The Night Mothers Truth states that she was a member of the Tong in Bravil before they were outlawed everywhere but in Morrowind (more on this later) However, Fire and Darkness states that she is the leader of the Tong. Quotes from Eno Hlaalu (Grandmaster of the Tong at the beginning of the game Morrowind) include giving praise to the Night Mother (This may be referring to Mephala). I believe this should be over looked and that the Tong does not give praise to the Night Mother (use Mephala instead).

The Dark Brotherhood:
They are a hated off-shot of the Morag Tong, having split from them in the Second Era.

Regarded as being more of a business than a religion (however, Oblivion and The Night Mother’s Truth show that they worship Sithis and the Night mother)

Lead by the Night Mother, then below her is the Black Hand (made up of four Speakers and one Listener [Four fingers and a Thumb]) The Black hand actually takes care of running the Brotherhood, Night Mother is contacted only when necessary) The Listener is only chosen by the Night mother when he/she has no successor, and she does not choose the Speakers.

The Listener is told who has committed the Black Sacrament and where they can be found. The Listener then tells this to a speaker who contacts the person/people and organise a contract. Similar to the Night Mother Forever quest.

Shadowscales were elite Argonian Assassins, however they no longer exist.

Whenever someone with legal authority investigates them, they use blackmail, bribery, coercion and murder to remain secret.

The Night Mother:

She is very mysterious and solid facts are hard to establish about her.

The Night Mother’s Truth is the most reliable source on her, as it is corroborated by events and dialogue in Oblivion.

The title Night Mother did originate from the Morag Tong. The rank meant she was a local leader.

The Night Mother (ie the one worshipped by the Brotherhood) was the leader of the Tong in Bravil before the Tong was outlawed. She had started to hear the voice of Sithis (in the same way the Listener hears her voice). He eventually came and made love to her, conceiving five children. When they were born the Night Mother killed them and as sacrifices to Sithis. She in turn was killed by the outraged people of Bravil. Later a man (his identity is unknown) started to hear her voice and was named the first Listener. He had founded the Dark Brotherhood so as to do business dealing with death and give souls to Sithis. The Dark brotherhood had interred the remains of the night Mother and her children beneath the site of her house (which is where the statue of the Lucky Old Lady in Bravil is/was).

In Morrowind however, the player is given a mission to kill the local Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood, however, the rank never appears anywhere else. This is to be ignored.

Further sources:
If anyone needs to find more information on the Night Mother, the Dark Brotherhood or the Morag Tong, the sources below should provide it.

The Night Mother’s Truth

The Brothers of Darkness

Fire and Darkness: The Brotherhoods of Death

UESPWiki page on the Dark Brotherhood

UESPWiki page on the Morag Tong*

*This states that Morag Tong agents have to reveal their murders to the authorities. This is not so.

Please avoid using anything from The Imperial Library, as that website does not use information from in game sources. The UESPWiki however exclusively uses in game sources.

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