Things I should no longer do in TES (just for laughs)

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Things I should no longer do in TES (just for laughs)

Post  RightHandofSithis on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:20 pm

I thought this list would be a good idea just for fun.

1. While shooting guards in the knees increases my Archery skill and my accuracy, it is not nice nor looked well upon in the eyes of the law.
2. Locking Delphine and Arngeir in a glass room is not a spectator sport and I should not allow people to bet on the outcome by claiming it is an Arena Mod.
3. The above also applies to Galmar Stone-fist and Legate Rikke, Ulfric Stomcloak and General Tullius, or Madanach and Thonar Silver-Blood.
4. Dressing up in Thalmor robes and requesting to join the Stormcloaks is a bad idea.
5. Similarly, entering Sky Haven temple while wearing Thalmor robes is a bad idea.
6. Elenwen does not appreciate the above 2 either.
7. Just because I'm Dragonborn does not permit me to dress up in the Emporer's robes and greet random prisoners with "You are the one from my Dreams."
8. Just because I have played Morrowind, Oblivion, Shivering Isles and Skyrim does not mean I am simultaneously the Nerevarine, the Champion of Cyrodiil, Sheogorath and Dragonborn.
9. I am not to claim ownership of half of Tamriel and complete ownership of the Shivering Isles because of the above.
10. I am not to send the Circle of the companions to solstheim to scare the Skaal into thinking the Bloodmoon is upon them again.
11. Sending Ondolemar an Amulet of Talos for his birthday is not nice.
12. Elenwen is not a Dominatrix and is not for hire. (Sorry if that gives the wrong image, I couldn't help it).
13.Titus Mede II is not my bitch.
14. It is wrong to spread rumors that Esbern was a childhood friend of Martin Septim.
15. I need to stop confusing Children and the Adoring Fan. Playing tag with the fan only makes him more annoying and blasting children off mountains is completely wrong.

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